Data Visualization - The Convergence of Digital Marketing and Revenue Optimization

The way in which the hotel and resort industry collects and interprets data has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. The sheer volume of data has increased exponentially during this period with new tools and subscription service flooding the market. Years ago we were starving for information from which to base our strategic pricing and positioning decisions. Now it seems as though we are forever “trying to drink out of a fire hose” of available data. Additionally, with changes to guest buying behaviour and the manner in which digital marketing data is collected, the convergence of multiple sources of data and their all important KPI’s is now more critical than ever.

Connecting the Data Visualization Dots

Data Visualization in Revenue Optimization



Buckhiester Management has been supplying our clients with tools for over 25 years. Tools that make decision making easier and much more efficient. With the significant amount of Big Data that a Revenue Team needs to interpret, we help hotel, resorts and vacation rentals, connect the dots via dashboard data consolidation from multiple internal and external metrics.

All our dashboards are customized for each client. These dashboard can be created in Tableau or Power BI depending on the number or type of your subscription interfaces. We provide a decision making solution that balance all KPI’s against historical, current and future performance.

Decision Making with Multiple Metrics

For example, have you ever wondered what a high yield and occupancy index tells us when paired with a low value index? This example helps illustrate the difference between the sweet spot of competitive set based performance versus guest perception of value. Consider the indexes below:

ADR Index = 118.2

Occupancy Index = 105.1

Value Index = 91.3

In this example, we have out performed our competitive set both on market share and rate penetration. From these KPI’s we would likely get the praise of our owners and general manager. However, when we add the marketing related value index to the big picture, we actually see that our guest felt they did not receive good value for the rate charged. Demand parameters may have indicated that we capture a lot of in market demand but our guest is telling us that they may not return based on their perception of value.

Successful data interpretation involves both external and internal data. One must pull as much meaningful information as possible. Our dashboards not only harness information from your PMS, RMS, CRS, CRM, Google Analytics, Rate Shopping, Social Media portals and Reputation Management Reports, they also help you make sense of the data via Digital Marketing and Revenue Optimization best Practices.

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