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Helping management companies become experts in handling vast portfolios.

We understand that management companies often face different challenges than branded hotels face. That is why our team will work closely with you to ensure that your brand expectations are being properly met.

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The Problem.

Since most management companies tend to work with both independent and branded properties, it is important to become an expert in each brand’s policies, procedures, and systems. While managing multiple brands can be complex, management companies are responsible for making sense of each hotel’s performance on a regional, brand, and individual property basis.

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The Solution.

Using our multi-brand experience, we can help your company consolidate data from multiple sources in the context of brand expectations and limitations. Whether it is building customized dashboards to look at metrics across brands or preparing a quick action plan for under-performing properties, we can assist you in achieving better than market performance.

Case Study.

Atlific Hotels & Resorts—Toronto, Ontario

Buckhiester worked with this third-party management company to raise the level of revenue management expertise throughout the portfolio. Comprised of branded and independent hotels and resorts across Canada and located in diverse geographic locations from major city centre’s to small tertiary markets, we created a wide variety of skill-building programs with a focus on every aspect of best practices for revenue management.

One of the core developmental topics was the art and science of forecasting. By improving forecast accuracy, better pricing decisions were made and significant increases in RevPAR were achieved month after month.

Kind words from our clients

I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

“Buckhiester Management was engaged to assist in developing a business plan for optional revenue management services for our member hotels and to improve the skill levels of our Member Care Managers in this important discipline. They created and implemented a highly successful revenue management pilot program that today has evolved into a profitable business unit. More than 50 properties participate in our revenue management services initiative seeing average RevPAR increase of 11%. In fact, the top 25 properties have seen much higher increases resulting in a program ROI in excess of 100%. In short, revenue management works and Buckhiester Management was the catalyst to our effort. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

~ Bernard T. Moyle
COO/CFO, Founder
Vantage Hospitality Group, Inc.

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