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Providing comprehensive revenue management audits to real estate & hotel companies.

All of our comprehensive revenue management audits for real estate and hotel companies are designed to help quantify missed revenue opportunities by mapping out technology and tool plans and by providing revenue management training to the opening team.

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The Problem.

In most cases, real estate companies tend to consider cap rates and market metrics without considering the incremental upside provided by a solid revenue optimization program.

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The Solution.

Buckhiester can help you navigate the changing landscape of demand management by providing comprehensive revenue management audits for finding missed revenue opportunities. We can also help new hotels and resorts map out a technology and tool plan, as well as train the opening team on revenue management.

Case Study.

Joie de Vivre Hotels—San Francisco

Buckhiester Management was engaged by the founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels in San Francisco to spearhead a technology and revenue management RFP for the procurement of their new multi-property central reservation system. By combining both the revenue management build needs with the technology piece, the company was able to optimize the system for data analytics.

Kind words from our clients

…lifting Vancouver’s success as a Tourism and Convention destination way beyond our competition.

“I’ve had the pleasure and benefit of working with Bonnie and the BML team since 1995, when she had a vision of what was coming sooner than the industry could see. Bonnie, Victoria and team have worked with me on nearly a dozen projects over the past 25 years, and on every one, she has brought her crystal ball and wisdom to the table, to lay out a map leading to success. In the early days of revenue and yield management, most hoteliers didn’t even know what the acronyms meant let alone how to capitalize on it. Her greatest impact was perhaps the city-wide demand project for Tourism Vancouver, in conjunction with Dr. Ed Mansfield, which was the catalyst to lifting Vancouver’s success as a Tourism and Convention destination way beyond our competition.”

~ Stephen Darling
Hotel Corporate Director and Hotel Development Consultant

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