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Helping independent hotel owners by providing customized management solutions.

Since many independent hotel owners do not have the benefit of working with a brand or management company for creating a solid revenue management culture, Buckhiester can provide customized management solutions to meet the needs of your unique requirements.

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The Problem.

If you are competing against the big multi-national brands, defining your unique value proposition and pricing is critical in penetrating revenue share amongst your competitive set. Many hotel owners have a hard time implementing actionable steps that generate an effective ROI.

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The Solution.

We understand how having innovative solutions, tailored to your unique needs, can make all the difference when it comes to optimizing your revenue in a highly competitive market. That is why we will use our depth of experience working with 4 and 5 diamond properties in Canada, the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean to help position your property.

Our team will provide you with the tools you need for forecasting and pricing. By looking at your performance and helping to define your goals, we can prepare a road map for how to achieve those goals. We can also provide senior strategic oversight as you roll out your customized plan.

Case Study.

Sea Island—Georgia. A Forbes 5-Star resort with multiple revenue departments.

The work with Sea Island initially involved a discovery process followed by recommendations and a revenue management action plan, including a critical path. Subsequent work included a search for a Corporate Director of Revenue Management and ongoing remote RM consulting support.

Kind words from our clients

They helped us achieve significant and immediate growth in RevPAR…

“Buckhiester Management was retained to assist our resort at Snowshoe Mountain. They helped us achieve significant and immediate growth in RevPAR through both an insightful assessment of policies and practices, and a call center evaluation and training program. Bonnie worked harder and delivered more value for her fee than any consultant I’ve ever engaged.”

~ Steve Rice
Snowshoe Mountain Inc

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