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customized interactive workshops

REVolution® support services

REVolution® Support Services include interactive workshops led by Buckhiester Management hotel revenue management coaches, customized learning programs created specifically to support your organization’s yield management practices, and ARM™ (Ask a Revenue Manager) that allows real-time responses to your questions as they arise. ARM™ is available on an ad hoc basis or as a virtual revenue manager, whereby we will act as your full-time revenue manager.

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interactive workshops and coaching sessions

Our interactive sessions not only support the revenue management tools and practices found in the REVolution® toolkit, they are also available as stand alone solutions to supplement your existing hotel revenue management program. Led by our experienced revenue management coaches, these half-day or all day sessions include:

topics session length
* Revenue Management: “The New Fundamentals” 1 day
* Product Definition: “Leveraging Your Room Inventory” ½ day
* Competitive Benchmarking: “An Innovative Approach” ½ day
* Strategic Pricing: “Thriving vs. Surviving in an Economic Downturn” 1 day
* Demand Forecasting: “The Art & Science of Forecasting” ½ or 1 day
* Distribution Management: “Multi-channel Management for Today’s Markets” 1 day
   Setting Optimal Selling Strategies: Real Time Coaching Sessions 3 x ½ days
   Interpreting Market Intelligence Reports ½ day
* Business Mix Manipulation: “Manipulating Business Mix & Pricing to Drive RevPAR” 1 day
   Increasing Reservation Conversions Through Innovative Salesmanship 1½ days
   Tapping the Potential of Front Desk Up-sell Opportunities 1½ days
   Revenue Maximization for Group & Tour Business ½ day
   Growing the Business & Growing Together: Executive Strategy Session 2 days

* These workshops are included in REVolution® Complete

Workshops and coaching sessions are selected based on the specific needs of your team. Please contact us for more information about workshop content and stand-alone session pricing. Download the interactive workshop brochure (PDF format).

customized private label learning programs

Because Buckhiester Management realizes that no two hotels or resorts are alike, we offer our clients the opportunity to co-brand REVolution® with revenue management practices already in place at your organization. Customizing our tools with your management culture creates a unique learning program to showcase and reinforce your brand, while adding value to your franchisees or owners by helping them help themselves with better yield management practices.

These customized programs may include tools, workshops, coaching sessions, and detailed curriculums enabling your corporate or property level revenue management champions to take advantage of an integrated train-the-trainer approach.