revroadmap® - 6 steps to effective hotel revenue management

STEP 1: Product Alignment – leveraging product availability against customer demand and optimizing room product attributes

STEP 2: Competitive Benchmarking – optimal positioning within the competitive marketplace from two perspectives – the competition and the customer

STEP 3: Strategic Pricing – optimizing price for all demand conditions

STEP 4: Demand Forecasting – establishing a forecasting regimen using three distinct forecasting methodologies

STEP 5: Business Mix Manipulation – finding the most profitable mix of business for the hotel asset

STEP 6:  Distribution Management – maximizing all available distribution sources and leveraging information from digital marketing & web analytics

By simplifying the complex concept of revenue management, REVRoadMap® helps you:

  •  Establish core competencies which are vital to success in today’s markets
  •  Relieve financial pressures with immediate improvement in performance
  •  Realize your hotel’s potential and meet & exceed the standards set by the world’s largest and most successful hotels