our story in a nutshell

I tried to answer this question…why did hoteliers spend 80% of their time on cost containment and 20% on revenue generation?

With extensive and multi-dimensional experience in travel, tourism and hospitality, Bonnie Buckhiester realized that incremental revenue growth was the key to overcoming high fixed costs, low variable costs and the volatile demand cycles of the hotel business.  Although revenue management had been utilized effectively for years in other areas of the travel sector, the hotel industry as a whole had not yet fully embraced the discipline.  With her desire to help hoteliers understand the benefits of focusing on revenue generation rather than cost containment as an effective way to grow their business, Buckhiester opened her company in 1995.

Buckhiester Management set out on a mission to place revenue management within a context that hotel managers could easily adapt into their everyday management practices.  Making yield management easier to understand and evolving a practical, systematic methodology created a number of “believers” out of previously skeptical senior management.  As hotel professionals embraced the practice, they frequently asked if Buckhiester Management had any tools to make the process more efficient.  It was out of this need that REVolution® was born.

Today our company is pleased to offer the services of a highly qualified team of hotel yield management experts. Not only are we able to address complex strategic issues, but our proprietary learning program REVolution® is now a comprehensive system of over 40 decision support tools and can be supplemented with a variety of interactive workshopscustomized curriculums, coaching sessions, and our remote revenue management support service ARM™ (Ask a Revenue Manager).

We are pleased to have offered our expertise to over 900 hotels throughout North America, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean and Latin America.  Our continued company mission is to provide unparalleled service to hotels and resorts while establishing revenue management as a core competency within the industry.  Our company’s proven approach builds self-sufficient yield management teams, provides practical resources, and ensures a 90-day Return On Investment.

Located in Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia, (and with satellite offices in Washington, DC and Toronto), Buckhiester Management enables companies to predict customer demand and maximize revenues by combining their industry expertise with an effective and affordable combination of easy-to-use revenue management tools, coaching, and process.