Workshops that deliver!

Our interactive workshops are available in modules or as stand alone solutions to supplement your existing hotel revenue management program.  Led by our experienced revenue management trainers, these sessions include a variety of topics critical to the success of your overall yield and revenue management effort.  They “deliver” because they are all customized to your data and your reality, and because we use only proven, highly successful adult training techniques.

interactive workshop topics

The Fundamentals

  • “The New Fundamentals – A Best Practices Approach to Revenue Management” – 1 & 2 day versions available
  • “Setting Optimal Selling Strategies – What a Weekly Revenue Management Meeting Should Be” – ½ day
Understanding Pricing & Leveraging Market Position
  • “Leveraging Your Room Inventory” – ½ day
  • “An Innovative Approach to Competitive Benchmarking” – ½ day
  • “Strategic Pricing: Maximizing the Asset Value” – full day
  • “Thrive vs. Survive: 6 Key Steps for Dealing With Price Wars” – ½ & 1 day versions available
Mastering Forecasting & Managing Business Mix
  • “The Art & Science of Forecasting” – 1 day
  • “Manipulating Business Mix & Pricing to Drive RevPAR” – 1 day
  • “Revenue Maximization for Group & Tour Business” – ½ day
Conquering Distribution Sources
  • “Multi-channel Management for Today’s Markets” – 1 day
  • “Increasing Reservation Conversions Through Innovative Salesmanship” – 3 days including interactive workshop and one-on-one coaching
  • “Tapping the Potential of Front Desk Up-sell Opportunities” – 1½ days
  • “The Impact of Social Media on Revenue Management” – 1 day
  • “Search, Social, Mobile – What Revenue Teams Need to Know” – 1 day

Interpreting Business Intelligence

  • “Unlocking the Power of Agency360” – ½ day or full day versions (also available as a webinar)
  • “Using Market Intelligence to Optimize RevPAR” – 1 day
Creating a Strategic Plan
  • “Growing the Business & Growing Together: Executive Strategy Session” – 2 days

Workshops and coaching sessions are selected based on the specific needs of your team. Please contact us for more information about workshop content and stand-alone session pricing.

customized private label learning programs

Because Buckhiester Management realizes that no two hotels or resorts are alike, we offer our clients the opportunity to co-brand our learning programs with revenue management practices already in place at your organization.  Customizing our workshops and tools with your management culture creates a proprietary learning program.  It enables your organization to showcase and reinforce your brand, while adding value to your franchisees or owners by helping them help themselves with better yield management practices.

These customized programs may include tools, workshops, coaching sessions, and detailed curriculums enabling your corporate or property level revenue management champions to take advantage of an integrated train-the-trainer approach.

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