comprehensive revenue management audits

Our audits involve a thorough on-site assessment of your current revenue management practices including use of our proprietary diagnostic process REVRoadMap®.  This comprehensive assessment includes a detailed review of financial and market reports, revenue management related sales and marketing activities, and onsite and online evaluations of the primary competitive set.  We also examine Revenue Team dynamics and current decision support tools.  Comprehensive operational reviews are undertaken in six key revenue management components including: product alignment, competitive benchmarking, strategic pricing, demand forecasting, business mix manipulation and distribution management.  For more information about our revenue management audits please download our audit overview.

our audits provide in-depth assessments of:

  • Hotel revenue management culture and expertise
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Market conditions
  • Competitive environment (competitors, consumer rankings, etc.)
  • Product positioning (internally & externally)
  • Product alignment to demand
  • Optimal market segmentation
  • Business mix management
  • Pricing philosophy, structure and hierarchy
  • Strategic pricing initiatives
  • Channel management
  • Patter management
  • Electronic distribution sources
  • Forecasting methodologies
  • Reservations and Front Desk salesmanship
  • Technology assessment/acquisition
  • Procedures and policies for revenue management implementation
  • In-depth website assessment
  • Assessment of “Total Revenue Management” practices
  • Examination of digital marketing & the impact of  search, social & mobile

audits yield comprehensive recommendations to leverage all revenue opportunities

Comprehensive written recommendations (topic by topic) provide a blueprint for successful implementation of hotel revenue management best practices (strategic & tactical), as well as an approach to improving the revenue management culture in your organization.