senior consultants working with your team

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive audit of your revenue management practices, or expertise to shape a vision for your overall yield management effort, Buckhiester Management offers senior level consultants to devise, guide and implement your strategic plan.  Over 18 years in business, we’ve helped major brands, large management companies and individual hotels and resorts master the complex discipline of revenue management.

Our projects have varied from comprehensive, corporate-level revenue management learning programs to small, privately owned hotels in 10 Caribbean countries…from 300 branded hotels in Asia-Pacific to a 50 room hotel in a large, highly competitive metropolitan city…from publicly-traded institutional owners, to boutique-style entrepreneurs.  We’ve seen it all.  And each assignment is uniquely different embracing the individuality of every hotel in every market.  Let Buckhiester Management shine the light on your hospitality revenue management opportunities.

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