Two unique services

At Buckhiester Management we offer 2 unique services.  As consultants and specialists in hotel revenue management, we are able to help you assess your current practices and create a strategic plan to turn a competitive disadvantage into an opportunity.  As expert coaches and specialists in adult education techniques, we offer a vast array of “state-of-the-industry” educational content customized to your organization.  Working with your data and your real-time market conditions, Buckhiester helps the hospitality industry create a revenue management learning program that combines interactive workshops, tools and coaching sessions.

Have you ever engaged a consultant but found the recommendations were unrealistic and unmanageable?  Have you ever invested in training only to discover that the content was so generic as to have no lasting value for your employees.  At Buckhiester Management all of our work is highly customized to ensure the strongest possible levels of acceptance to our recommendation as well as retention and application into your hotel’s day-to-day reality.  We take time to genuine collaborate with your key players, build buy-in and deliver customized solutions.

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