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Buckhiester Management has developed a simple online questionnaire to quickly and automatically evaluate your hotel revenue management / yield management program. The assessment tool consists of 30 questions, which can be completed in about 10 minutes.

Just answer the questions as honestly as possible and submit your answers. The system will automatically provide you with feedback in three areas. There is no charge for this assessment. Participants are asked to include their contact information as well as size and type of hotel.

free assessment overview

This simple evaluation takes just a few minutes but is highly predictable in helping you identify weak links in your hotel's revenue management program. Once you have completed the questionnaire and submitted your answers, the system will automatically provide your score using weighted factors. You will be provided with three areas of feedback:

  1. An overall Proficiency Rating for your revenue management program.
  2. An estimated incremental revenue potential based on strengthening your yield management program (revenue estimates based on industry research from hotel revenue management experts).
  3. A brief commentary on a selected area of weakness.

For a more comprehensive revenue management evaluation, please see our REVRoadMap product description.

get started

Click here to launch the assessment tool. Note that you must have Macromedia Flash player version 6 or better installed to use the assessment tool.

privacy statement

Buckhiester Management is very much aware of how important privacy is to Internet users.

Contact information provided to BM through e-mail communication or completion of the online Hotel Revenue Management Assessment will not be provided to other companies in any manner whatsoever.

BM is absolutely committed to maintaining client confidentiality. Your contact data will remain strictly confidential.